Puberty Blues

Presented by Deadset Theatre Company

TUESDAY 13th - 8pm / THURSDAY 15th - 5pm / SATURDAY 17th - 5pm

The ONLY theatrical production of the classic novel, "Puberty Blues" authorised by the orginal authors Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey.

Puberty Blues is Australia’s iconic coming of age story following the lives of two teenage girls, Debbie and Sue, in the 1970’s surfing scene.
Their lives revolve around male surfers, panel vans, straight-leg Levi’s, skipping school, getting wasted and fitting in. .

When Debbie and Sue finally are accepted into the Greenhills Surfer gang their lives are turned upside down as they are forced to grow up much sooner than they should. Puberty Blues is a raw, disturbing and honest portrayal of adolescence in the 1970’s surfing scene

Deadset Theatre Company was founded by three passionate theatre enthusiasts Zoe Muller, Jean Collins and Matilda Butler who have all been performing on stage together since the age of nine. In seeking more opportunities to present shows on stage, their idea of creating a new amateur theatre company for young adults arose.
DTC’s aim is to produce shows with a focus on young adults. This in turn will give more opportunities for Adelaide’s young aspiring actors to perform on stage and to showcase their talent.
This dream has now become a reality as Deadset Theatre Company proudly announces their debut show, Puberty Blues.
This original work, written specifically for DTC with the approval of the book’s creators – Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey, was first presented at Holden Street Theatres in October 2017.
The Cast: Matilda Butler, Zoe Muller, Brad McCarthy, Henry Cooper, Kate Owen, Jean Collins, Jesse Romeo, Cullen Gorman, Veronika Wlodarczyk, Jack Cummins, Monique Thomas, Ben Proeve, Daisy Khiev and Daniel Knowles.


A comprehensive teaching aide to enable classroom discussion of key elements contained within the play - click graphic to download PDF