Scriptease - Death at Hogwarts

An Improvised Murder Mystery - Suitable for the Whole Family!!

SUNDAY 11th - 3pm / SATURDAY 17th - 3pm

Professor McGonagall has called Harry and his friends back to Hogwarts. Little did they all know that the evening would end in... murder!

In 'Death At Hogwarts', our cast of unusual suspects from the Harry Potter series will improvise a brand new murder mystery, where even they don't know the identity of the killer. It'll be up to you, our intrepid audience of detectives, to listen for the clues and catch the killer - or they may get away! The game is afoot!

"There were a lot of deaths in the Harry Potter series but none quite so creative at Scriptease’s unscripted murder mystery, [Death] At Hogwarts... Scriptease is a prime example of how improv should be done."
--Rod Lewis, GLAM Adelaide

"This is a most entertaining one hour show, adeptly brought to its final murderous end... The actors are to be congratulated on their ability to maintain focus and think on their feet for a solid hour. They certainly gave their audience of happy muggles a good time!"
-- Shelley Hampton, Stage Whispers